Sibling Ghosts

Age 6

136 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Children's Novel

Florian Beckerhoff, Yayo Kawamura

Sibling Ghosts

Let the Haunting Begin

In a Nutshell:

Red alert! The three little ghosts from Good Water are threatened with eviction! The old building is supposed to be converted into a super chic wellness hotel. What this basically means is no draughty windows anymore, no dust filaments and especially: no practical spook jokes anymore! Only peace and quiet, spic and span floors and yawning boredom. It goes without saying at such an awful piece of news that the little ghosts pull out all the stops to bring spookiness back to the manor!


An eternity ago, meaning almost exactly one-thousand-and-fifty-three years ago, life as water spirits in the Good Water spring became too wet and much, much too boring for the sibling spirits Jocki, Jocka and Jockel and so they moved out, into the cellar of the manor house, the family seat of the Barons of Water. Apart from them and their pet, the bat ghost Frederic, of all the barons and baron children it is unfortunately only the old Baroness of Water who remains, still in optimum health at ninety-five, owing to the good spring water. However often she tries to make noise and play the piano, during the day it is usually so quiet that the sibling spirits can scarcely sleep. At night they are therefore often too tired to wrap themselves in filaments and to paint big black eyes with charcoal from the fireplace to spook the old baroness. However, it all takes a turn for the worse. The children of the baroness have sold the estate and the baroness must move into an old people’s home. The whole old structure is to become a super chic wellness hotel for guests seeking peace and quiet and who want to drink the healthy water from the spring – according to a legend it is even supposed to make one immortal. Red alert for the ghosts, of course they must pull out all the stops after such as shattering piece of news! However, no matter how hard the siblings try, they do not manage to scare the builders away, even though they make so much noise during the day that the sibling ghosts are fitter than ever. How is it going to go on until the end of eternity? Where will they find dust filaments in such a spic and span hotel to wear and make them visible? How does one cause the necessary unrest among such new residents? And a day without at least one bit of spooking as a practical joke is not a proper day, is it? Fortunately, at least their secret chamber in the cellar of the manor house remains undiscovered. They withdraw there with the bat ghost Frederic. Here there is still a bit of dust and they can find charcoal in the fireplace room of the hotel. They await the first guests with excitement, whose holiday enjoyment soon dissipates, as they can be so wonderfully spooked! When Jocki has woken them at night with a couple of drops of cold spring water in their ear or a decent shot of dust in their nose, it is great for having some spooky fun with them: if they step in front of the mirror, Jocka drifts into the image so that they do not recognise themselves, if a guest steps onto the scales, they drive the weight upwards as a threesome, if someone takes a sip of the famous spring water, they suddenly have mud in their mouth. However, the spa guests are unfortunately so quiet during the day that the sibling spirits can barely sleep again. Fully worn out, one morning they venture out of the cellar and have a fright themselves at the sight of the faces of the Fango guests concealed behind mud masks. What a wonderful invention – and so beautifully dirty! At once the sibling ghosts have fun “adorning” the spa guests at night with mud and such like from the spa facilities, such as painting beautiful laughter lines. Of course, the peacefulness during the day continues to be hard for them. All of this could scarcely be acceptable for the hotel director Dr. Souphair. The constant complaints from guests! Although he doesn’t believe in ghosts, he still sends the gardener Jonathan out, who lives with his twins Oskar and Tilda in the old manor caretaker house. He is supposed to ensure that this spooking around stops! Better to play it safe, Souphair thinks, and he also finds out what professional ghostbusters there are on the market. Jonathan soon realises that the house is indeed haunted. When he then discovers the sibling spirits’ secret chamber, however, he decides not to tell on them. He takes a liking to the three of them straight away, and after all they have been living here for half an eternity! Furthermore, his seven-year-old twins are quite bored out here at the hotel and are delighted when their father tells them that there are real ghosts in the house. Oskar and Tilda enthusiastically provide the sibling spirits with dust filaments from the old stables and regularly visit the cellar in secret to make noise, so that the three can sleep better. However, their father Jonathan asks the sibling spirits not to overdo it with the spooks. Otherwise Dr. Souphair will appoint Lord Harr, a real and highly equipped ghost chaser from England, and then he will no longer be able to protect them. The three sibling ghosts want to do everything he says, but it is easier said than done, as it is such fun to give the spa guests the creeps, especially those who complain by day when Oskar plays with his ball or Tilda is practicing the trumpet, or both are playing around in the cellar. Jocka is the most sensible, while Jocki thinks up one spooky stunt after another and little Jockel still does not understand why he shouldn’t spook as a ghost. Oskar has a task on his hands to ensure that Dr. Souphair does not become suspicious and call on the help of the expert from England. It therefore remains exciting and the sibling ghosts feel quite at ease in the meantime at the Good Water spa hotel. Then one day the baroness finally visits them, who really missed being spooked awake a bit at night. She soon gets to know Jonathan, Oskar and Tilda as well and is relieved that her sibling ghosts are in good hands. Everything should turn out fine then…


  • Witty story by the successful author Florian Beckerhoff
  • Illustrated charmingly and humorously by Yayo Kawamura