Age 10

336 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Florian Fuchs


In a nutshell:
A holiday on a farm in the Black Forest – could there be anything worse? No, thinks Jonas. But then, together with Anna and Benjamin, he discovers the kingdom of the goblins underground. The children follow one of them unaware that nobody may enter the goblin kingdom unpunished. Their presence must stay a secret at all costs, as the goblin king with his evil glittering eyes, sharp teeth and long thin fingers would sentence them to death immediately. Luckily there is Gnorl, who refutes the king and secretly plans the escape of Jonas and his friends. Amidst glittering stalactites and countless magical cave dwellers, Jonas experiences the most dangerous holidays of his life

What had his parents been thinking of? Six weeks of summer holiday on a secluded farm in the Black Forest. How boring. Jonas had wanted something quite different. It also takes time to warm to Anna and Benjamin who live on the farm. To top it all, there is a ghastly picture hanging in his room: a very strange man. And then Jonas also finds a letter behind the painting addressed to him and warning him of an imminent danger. Jonas pockets the letter, even though he cannot understand who wrote him this letter and why. The same day Jonas sees a strange being coming out of the shed. At first he is startled, but then he is gripped by curiosity. What sort of being was that? What did it come from? It was definitely not an animal. Did it have something to do with the danger the author of the letter had warned him about? Together with Anna and Benjamin, Jonas goes on the scout and follows the being into an underground tunnel system where they promptly get lost. What’s more, the tunnel behind them fills up with rubble and there is no way out. But then the eerie being finds them. It is a goblin! He is called Gnorl and takes them secretly back to his home, which is very dangerous, because the goblin king has forbidden any contact to people, under the threat of the death penalty. However, Gnorl and his father before him had been friends with the Bommeles and so Gnorl and his mother Etafa try to get the children safely out of the cave system. But the devious king has already found out that there are children lost in his home territory and wants to get his hands on them at all costs. His soldiers succeed in capturing Gnorl and Benjamin, while Etafa, Anna and Jonas are able to flee. Etafa leads the two of them to a resistance group called “The Whispering Voices” that is supposed to help to free Gnorl and Benjamin. Strange things have been happening for a long time since the king took to the throne: the goblins are lacklustre, all they do is work and the king is anything other than a good ruler. All of this emerges from the letter that was address to Jonas – but in reality was addressed to Jonas Bommele – because the grandfather of Anna and Benjamin was also called Jonas. Over the course of the story it emerges that Gnorl is the true heir to the throne, Etafa and her husband had adopted him and the present king is an illegitimate child. With all kinds of tricks, Benjamin and Anna succeed in rescuing Gnorl but Benjamin remains in the king’s captivity. The resistance fighters storm the castle, but the interior is a clever system of traps. Gnorl, Anna and Benjamin are taken to a room where it comes to a showdown with the king. The friends emerge victorious against the king and they manage to flee with the help of a dangerous cave dragon that likes sweets. There is a big party and everyone celebrates the victory over the king. And the true king, Gnorl? He abolishes the monarchy unceremoniously. The children return unscathed to the world of the living and Jonas had the best holidays of his life!

A breath-taking fantasy debut for all fans of hobbits and co.


  • Exciting children’s book debut with a magical atmosphere
  • An opulent, fascinating world: the underground kingdom of the goblins
  • Perfect fantasy page-turner for boys and girls

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