Greta and Dodger

Age 7

128 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel Horse Novel

Wiebke Rhodius, Vera Schmidt

Greta and Dodger

Magic Ponies Do Exist!

A magical horseshoe that conjures a real, tiny pony? The horse enthusiast Greta could burst with joy, especially when she finds out that her little black Gauner can also be transformed into a big pony with the horseshoe. Not easy at all to keep this wonderful secret. But together the two are unbeatable: Greta and Gauner not only conquer all hearts at a gallop, but also their first real tournament circuit…


  • Sensational: this pony can be “magicked big” on demand
  • A magical-sweet story by the successful author Wiebke Rhodius
  • Playfully easy reading fun for all pony fans


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