Grimm and the Like

Age 6

88 pages

218 x 286 mm


  • Picture Book

Brüder Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Scott Plumbe

Grimm and the Like

Spooky tales from round the world

Classical fairy tales have more to offer than virtuous princesses, friendly fairies and Little Red Riding Hood … The stories in this collection, all written down by the great raconteurs of this genre, tell of the dark side of the tales and make cold shivers run deliciously up and down our spines. Heroes keen for adventure pluck up all their courage and go to "The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs"; or they venture into the castle of the sad beast; or even into the very depths of the forest where the wicked witch is lying in wait for them – gripping and eerie, but one thing is sure: in the end it is always the good that wins. The internationally famed illustrator Scott Plumbe has created spectacular pictorial worlds that immediately capture the reader's imagination. Mysterious, ominous and yet with extremely likeable characters. Scary but never frightening!


-The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs
-The Wild Swans
-Hansel and Gretel
-The Selfish Giant
-The Beauty and the Beast
-The Spirit in the Bottle


  • Scott Plumbe: internationally renowned illustrator
  • Scary but never frightening
  • Fairy tales for courageous boys and girls

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