Hello, I'm Here, Too!

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Brigitte Endres, Joëlle Tourlonias

Hello, I'm Here, Too!

A story about a chameleon

Why doesn't anyone ever see me?

The little chameleon is sitting in his terrarium in the pet shop and waiting for someone at last to buy him. But all the people who come into the shop every day only ever look at the cute little bunnies and guinea pigs. Nobody ever seems to notice the chameleon. So the chameleon decides to take his fate into his own hands. He runs away from the pet shop and makes off all by himself. Unfortunately, however, not even in real life outside the pet shop does anyone take any notice of him until he meets a little girl called Camée …


  • Delightfully illustrated by Joelle Tourlonias

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Denmark, Russia, China