Mr Squirrel and the King of the Woods

Age 4

64 pages

220 x 286 mm


  • Picture Book

Sebastian Meschenmoser

Mr Squirrel and the King of the Woods

When Mr Squirrel wakes up one morning he can hardly believe his eyes: an unknown and mysterious creature has appeared right under his tree – a creature that can only be the legendary King of the Woods. The question is, will this creature be able to pass his wisdom on to Mr Squirrel and the other animals and show them the way to a better life, as the legend says? And low and behold, the King of the Woods does indeed tell the animals his one and only and most important rule of life. But this soon turns out to be anything but kingly.


  • The latest masterpiece by Sebastian Meschenmoser
  • Stunningly illustrated, entertaining and a little wise
  • Award-winning illustrator

Sold to:
France, China (simplified letters), Mexico (Spanish), Switzerland (english)