Hörbe with the Big Hat

Age 6

104 pages

173 x 245 mm


Otfried Preußler, Annette Swoboda

Hörbe with the Big Hat

One lovely summer's day, goblin Hörbe decides he's had enough of making jam and decides to go off on a hike instead for he fancies a bit of a change and some adventure! So he packs some cake and a drink and sets off. The little goblin has to face all sorts of dangers on his trip. What a good thing he makes friends with Zwottel with the shaggy fur. Together they can deal with the dangerous Plampatsch.


  • A favourite children's book classic with ageless charm
  • Illustrated for the first time in colour by Annette Swoboda
  • A perfect addition to the best-selling editions by Otfried Preußler
  • Over 160,000 copies sold to date

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