How to be a girl

Age 13

160 pages

167 x 240 mm


  • Young Adult Novel Children's Novel

Julia Korbik

How to be a girl

Strong, free and simply yourself

Even just 100 years ago women were not allowed to vote. Much has been achieved since: German women can open their own bank account (1962), go to work without the permission of their husband (1977) and marry any man or woman they choose (2017)… So all is fine then for the girls and women of today? Did famous protagonists such as Simone de Beauvoir, Olympe de Gouges and Hedwig Dohm clear all obstacles out of the way? This is the question that the journalist and author Julia Korbik investigates, encouraging young readers to think for themselves about what it means to be a girl, or to question what rules apply to girls and why actually. She also asks how girls can liberate themselves from restrictive role models and what role models they can turn to. It is also about what emancipation means in quite practical terms for the life of girls today.  

Longer narrative and explanatory passages are broken up by smaller formats:

Brief portraits of pioneers such as the suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, the mathematician Emmy Noether or the first female rabbi Regina Jonas.

Girl Crush: brief portraits of teenagers who push for more justice worldwide: Malala Yousafi, Lorde (singer), Laura Dekker (round-the-world sailor).

Lists: e.g. TV series loaded with girl power, books with cool heroines.

Checklists: e.g. about everyday sexism (how do I recognise it?)

Advice (how to): arrange a protect, develop a self-care ritual.  

And because being a girl also involves boys, as a special extra feature of the book Julia Korbik regularly casts a comparative look at boys, who must also deal with role expectations.


  • Trendy topic: #Me-too debate
  • Over 20 portraits of strong women and girls all over the world like suffragette Emmeline Packhurst, Simone de Beauvoir etc.
  • With checklists, How-to instructions and DIY instructions


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