A Hundred Lies

Age 14

304 pages

136 x 215 mm


  • Children's Novel

Alice Gabathuler

A Hundred Lies

Kris and his sister Manon come from a well-to-do family. Their father is a successful but ruthless businessman. But there is something about their past that is hidden well away: it is not until much later that they discover that as toddlers they were abducted, that their father paid the ransom and then completely covered up the whole affair. For this reason Kris and Manon have never been able to work through the trauma of their childhood; the two of them are now broken teenagers, unable to cope with life. When their father's company is shaken by a scandal, he comes to take them home from their boarding schools for after receiving threats that must be taken seriously he wants to know for sure that they are surrounded by security guards Back home, the two teenagers immediately end up in the protests against their family's raw materials company and their father. After all, more than 250 people lost their lives when a gold mine collapsed in Africa. And ever more details of the terrible working conditions and improper security measures come to light. Together with a left-wing activist, the brother and sister find out more about their father's dealings and wheelings. And in the end they discover the terrible secret of their past. How do you cope with the fact that your father is a criminal? How do you deal with a childhood when you don't even know what happened? What do people in one country have to suffer when people in another, distant, country want to earn a lot of money with raw materials? In her latest novel, Alice Gabathuler focusses as always on enthralling and psychologically highly interesting questions that are as fascinating as they are shocking.


  • Excellently crafted suspense
  • The characters are strong – simply because they have their weaknesses!

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