I'm Just the Mate Here

Age 13

176 pages

135 x 215 mm


Martin Gülich

I'm Just the Mate Here

Strictly speaking, everything is going fine for Finn. School is OK; he gets on well with the aunt he is living with; and he goes down well with the girls – when he gets out his guitar at the latest. Only the new girl in the class gives Finn the brush-off. And yet Carla has fascinated him from the very first moment. In the end he succeeds in making friends with her and is let into her secret: she is lesbian, but her parents are strictly against her relationship with another girl. So Finn can never be anything more than just a mate, but he wants to help her: they pretend they are a couple so that Carla's parents will allow them to go to summer camp together also attended by Carla's big love! His friendship with Carla gives Finn the courage to face his own problem – his suspicion that he is adopted.


  • A book about love, friendship and growing up
  • Important topics sensitively approached: lesbian love, adoption
  • Talented writer of young adult literature with a special narrative tone

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