I Wish I Were a Cactus

Age 10

192 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Mina Teichert, Stephanie Reis

I Wish I Were a Cactus

Lu's plan is as follows: She is going to hold her breath until Mummy has changed her mind and won't go with her to live at Granny Käthe's. A new school? Without her friends? That's all bullshit! Eleven-year-old Lu is finding it difficult to accept the fact that her mother not only has a new boyfriend, who to top it all is a farmer, but also wants to move in with Granny Käthe. Neither is the school exactly cool. Maths at this school is less than trendy, although Lu and this particular subject used to be quite good friends. What a good thing that apart from the malicious bully Isa, Lu at least finds two friends: Tara and Lil.
Lu's plan to freeze Mummy's boyfriend, Jo, out of the house proves to be more difficult than expected. For one thing, he is - stupidly enough - really quite nice; for another he entices her with kittens and calves. How mean! And then there is Julian, and with him everything is even more complicated …
So the questions are: how do you keep unpleasant people at arm's length? What properties of cactuses might prove useful in real life? And … is there anything you can do about innocent love-struck glances?
But it all works out fine in the end. Lu withdraws her cactus prickles and she and Julian decide to be friends.


  • Brilliant kick-off in children's books by bestselling writer Mina Teichert
  • Boisterous and cheerfully cheeky story of friendship
  • An awesome heroine with a soft spot for cactuses – you can't help but love her!