Jesus of Nazareth

Age 14

240 pages

138 x 220 mm


  • Biography

Alois Prinz

Jesus of Nazareth

An unusual biography of Jesus.

Jesus – what sort of person was he? For some he was a political rebel, for others the Messiah and son of God. The expectations on him were huge. Yet not only his parents and closest friends sometimes despaired of him because he did not fulfil their hopes. In spite of this – or perhaps precisely because of it – he and his teachings are still explosive, even today. How is this possible? In order to get to the bottom of the secret of this man, Alois Prinz takes readers back to when Jesus lived. We experience first hand the circumstances which Jesus grew up in and now politically charged the times were, and we see what he did and what was important for him.

English sample chapter available!

“To approach Jesus and understand his secret, we must at all times live in his age. That means having to see him and as it were to live with him like his contemporaries and companions did – with the same feeling of uncertainty, with the same doubts, with the same open question as to how it will all end. We must not look at the man from Nazareth from the end; we must, without looking forward, begin at the beginning …” Alois Prinz


  • Fascinating historical approach to Jesus
  • Author: German Youth Literature Award winner

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