Happy Birthday, Jim Button!

Age 4

32 pages


  • Picture Book

Michael Ende, Beate Dölling, Mathias Weber, F. J. Tripp

Happy Birthday, Jim Button!

Happy Birthday, Jim Button – and all his friends come to congratulate him! This picture book is the perfect introduction to the world of Jim and Luke, also for the very youngest!


It is Jim's birthday. He is five years old. All the inhabitants of Lummerland have been invited to his party, and there are also guests from distant parts: the Bogus Giant from the desert; Ping Pong, the clever baby from Mandala; Nepomuk, the half dragon; and little Princess Li Si. They have all brought presents, and Mrs Waas has made one of her famous Gugelhupf cakes. It is a bit of a tight squeeze on Lummerland, but what fun it is!

2010: Jim Button's 50th birthday
Character popular with everyone
World-famous author

Sold to:
Russia, China


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