Jim Button and the Flying Carpet

Age 4

32 pages

266 x 266 mm


Michael Ende, Charlotte Lyne, Mathias Weber, F. J. Tripp

Jim Button and the Flying Carpet

Author Charlotte Lyne, a great Michael Ende connoisseur and Jim Button fan, has developed a completely new concept for the picture book stories about Jim Button and Lukas. In each volume we see how they go to a new and exciting place and experience adventures such as only Jim and Lukas can have. Their first journey takes the two friends to the orient, an enchanting world straight out of One Thousand and One Nights. There is a sultan living here who has lost his magic storytime carpet. What a challenge for our two friends!


  • The success story of the Jim Button picture books continues, now with new settings and characters
  • The perfect introduction to Michael Ende's works
  • Affectionately told by Charlotte Lyne and magnificently illustrated by Mathias Weber