Greg Grain

Age 4

112 pages

183 x 256 mm


  • Children's Novel

Lucy Astner, Julian Meyer

Greg Grain

A Little Sandman Makes it Big

The dream gnome Greg Grain has plenty to do. After all, he lives and works in Slumberland high over the clouds. Together with his colleagues, he makes the most beautiful dreams for children. He loves his job and would be happy for it to continue indefinitely. However, one day when the sandman goes away on holiday, Greg is obliged to take over as the stand-in. Together with the cheeky little badger Flick, he learns not only to operate the cool flying machine, but also to deliver all dreams to the right address.  

In further stories, Greg and Flick help the goblin pixie girl Reva to practice for the shooting star test. They air the secret of the mysterious dream thief, meet a sullen cat lady and an especially big slowcoach and train the woolly white dream sheep on the meadow in the sky. Beautifully prim and proper, the herd frolics along their course so that children can count them. But one sheep is always stepping out of line…  

The world and the stories surrounding Greg Grain can be extended indefinitely: everyday topics such as first friendships, feelings such as courage etc. always play a role. The 10 stories are self-contained and are wonderfully suited to reading out together in the evening. Reading time per story: approx. 8 minutes.


  • The dream gnome Greg and the cheeky Flick bring beautiful dreams
  • 10 short stories – ideal for the evening bedtime ritual
  • Charmingly told by the successful author Lucy Astner