King of Pirates

Age 8

240 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Lukas Hainer, Medienhaus Baden-Baden Studio 88

King of Pirates

In a nutshell:

Freddy's father is one of the most famous pirate captains. But he has been missing for years and Freddy has no greater wish than to look for him out there on the high seas. When the enigmatic sea dog Kork appears on the scene, this dream comes within reach, for the Emperor has promised to appoint King of the Pirates whosoever should bring him the treasures of all the seven seas. Freddy is certain of one thing: if his father is still out there he will follow the Emperor's call. Together with the oddball sea dog Kork, he hoists the sails and sets off on the wildest, most dangerous and exciting journey of his life. Instead of treasure, the two find wrecked ships and skulls and crossbones; vile villains lure them onto false tracks, and in the end the cunning Emperor stirs everything into chaos again. But Freddy and his new friends never give up. PIRATES AHOI!!


Freddy and his little brothers and their mother live on an island in the sea of the fantasy world of Runa. The whole family run a harbour tavern together, and Freddy tells his brothers stories about their father, Flying Finn, a famous pirate captain. He has been missing for years. There is nothing Freddy yearns to do more than to set sail to look for him and bring him back home. One evening, the enigmatic sea dog Kork comes to the tavern with an announcement from the Emperor. The Emperor promises to crown King of Pirates whosoever should bring him the treasures of all the seven seas of Runa. Freddy is as keen as mustard. He is sure that if his father is still out there he will also follow the call of the Emperor. He and the oddball swashbuckler Kork leave Freddy's home island of Runa in the Bloody Mary cockleshell of a boat. Freddy has no idea that his father and Kork had adventures together in the past. Although the feisty Freddy and the old pirate clash on more than one occasion, they eventually become the best of friends. The hunt for the treasures the Emperor is demanding, however, turns out to be tricky. Following on the trail of Freddy's father, they find a treasure island in the South Seas with wrecked ships, warnings in the sand and some scattered skulls. But then it turns out that cowardly Wutz has only staged the island curse to keep intruders off. All the treasures have long since been taken away. The Evil Gang led by the Black Pirate looted them and abandoned Wutz on the island. Wutz goes aboard the Bloody Mary and shows Freddy and Kork the way to his one-time gang's hidey-hole. Here they come across some guards and the girl Tiah. She is being held by the Evil Gang in order to blackmail the inhabitants of her home island. Freddy falls in love with the proud Tiah and is determined to help her. The four of them sail after the buccaneers to the Pui-Pui islands, Tiah's home. After hatching out a bold plan the friends are able to outwit the battle-tried Evil Gang and their leader, but unfortunately their adversaries get away with their loot. Freddy, Capt'n Kork, Wutz and Tiah take up pursuit with the intention of preventing the Emperor from crowning the buccaneer King of the Pirates. Freddy is also hoping to find his father at the Emperor's in the capital town. The chase takes them to the polar sea, where the buccaneer ruthlessly makes his way with his boat through the pack ice. The friends have to let them get away for the hull of the Bloody Mary would not survive a voyage through the smashed ice floes. They are just about to give vent to their disappointment when they hear somebody weeping. They go in the direction of the noise and find the little penguin Nunu. They see that his ice floe broke away and floated off when it was rammed by the buccaneer. The friends console him and take him with them. They decide to lie in wait for the buccaneer and set him a trap. They wait for him in a patch of fog at the entrance to the port of the capital city and attack his ship. They manage to damage it badly but the buccaneer and his gang are just too strong for them. The buccaneer addresses Capt'n Kork, with whom he has sailed together in the past, offering him a place at his side when the Emperor has made him King of the Pirates. But Kork remains loyal to his friends and turns down the offer. The buccaneer and Kork bring up the subject of Freddy's father, but Freddy has no time to demand an explanation. The chase ends in the harbour of the capital city, where they are all arrested and taken to the Emperor. The Emperor then discloses his imperial trap to the horrified Black Pirate and Freddy and his friends. The Emperor's cunning turns everything upside down. In the end, however, much of what Freddy and his friends have been hoping for comes true. And if Freddy cannot find his father in the imperial palace, his resolve to find his him is strengthened and he is nearer his goal of returning home with him.



  • Writer is the singer-songwriter of the successful band Santiano: over 2 million albums sold
  • Just as action-packed and entertaining as the "Pirates of the Caribbean"


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