King Lennard or Summer Is When We Want It

Age 8

144 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Timm Milan, Elli Bruder

King Lennard or Summer Is When We Want It

Lana and her big brother Lennard are heart and soul. With Lennard at her side, Lana never feels alone. Lennard even has a golden crown, one with colourful glittery stones in it: his own special sign! Lana is convinced the crown has magic powers, for whenever Lennard is wearing it he has the best ideas. His ideas are always very funny and usually more than a little crazy. Lana likes that. Once, for example, he stubbornly insisted that the sun was shining outside although anyone could see that it was cold and autumn-like and pouring with rain. But Lennard and Lana put on their summer clothes and went out in flip-flops (but not before they had slapped on the sun blocker). The upshot was that Lana caught a nasty cold and had to stay in bed for days. But it was a worth it for the fun!

The prank with the snowman in the dreadful neighbour's front garden wasn't half bad either. The end of the tale was that Lennard even dumped the snowman into the new car of old grumble bones, and that really got them into hot water. Then there was New Year's Eve and the firework in the wardrobe; and Lennard also knows exactly how to put Mummy's new boyfriend to the acid test! The only thing now is that after the holidays Lana won't be going to the same school as Lennard, and she doesn't like that one little bit. One thing is certain, however: the two of them will stand by each other and whenever Lana needs a big brother, Lennard will always be around!


  • Children at it again- cheeky and imaginative
  • Told as sweet as sugar from the little sister's point of view