Let's Go and Look for Miracles

Age 5

144 pages

195 x 245 mm


Erwin Grosche, Sabine Kraushaar

Let's Go and Look for Miracles

Storytime tales

Leonie is inquisitive and always keeps her eyes open – the best way to find miracles. They are there every day! When Robert moves in next door, he always joins Leonie in looking for miracles. And how well they do it, too: they look for the sun and instead find a rain miracle; and the fact that friends don't always need words to understand each other is also a miracle. Perhaps miracles are "merely" a bit like nice surprises".


  • About little everyday miracles
  • Warmly and amusingly told by Erwin Grosche
  • Affectionately illustrated by the well known illustrator Sabine Kraushaar