Crocodile, Giraffe and the Big Surprise

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Children's Novel Picture Book

Daniela Kulot

Crocodile, Giraffe and the Big Surprise

A new adventure for crocodile and giraffe

20 years ago, “A little crocodile with a lot of feelings” fell in love with a giraffe. Numerous picture book stories have been created around the odd pair, which have many fans at home and abroad. Everything starts with a mysterious red ribbon peeking out under the front door, luring the whole family of crocodile and giraffe outside. Where could it possibly lead to? The longer crocodile and giraffe follow the puzzling ribbon, the more adventurous their journey becomes. It takes them through the town and countryside, mountains and valleys. When they reach the end of ribbon, a big surprise is awaiting everyone.


  • An exciting story to pursue
  • For all fans of the famous picture book characters Crocodile and Giraffe

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