Lenni & Luis (series)

Age 8

128 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Wiebke Rhodius, Sabine Sauter

Lenni & Luis (series)

Off into Space, with a Rocket Bang!

The new telescope is great! The things one can discover with it! For example, the brilliant UFO that whirrs around one night and even lands on earth – or did it perhaps crash? Whatever the case, little green men are out and about. Lenni and Luis are delighted and want to make contact with them straight away. However, when the school caretaker suddenly disappears and other strange things happen, the twins immediately forge a plan – because Lenni and Luis are sure: the extraterrestrials are causing mischief in town!


  • Perfect for unpractised readers: many illustrations and short chapters
  • Fun entertainment for boys and girls


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