Mouse Moves Out

Age 2

24 pages

165 x 215 mm


  • Picture Book

Daniela Kulot

Mouse Moves Out

Sometimes everyone simply gets on one’s nerves! Mum, dad, siblings and even the very best of friends. Such is the case today for the little mouse. And she therefore decides: “I’m moving out!” She packs her worldly possessions into a handcart and marches off. It is a lot of work digging a new mouse home! First a passageway and then a cave that is big enough to live in… But the task is finally done. The little mouse moves in and makes herself comfortable. However, something is still missing. Of course! Mum, dad, siblings and best friends. But there is a great solution to this…


  • Being defiant, running away, but also: creating one’s own space for the first time
  • Daniela Kulot has a good feel for topics for young children
  • With cheerful and cheeky texts and illustrations  

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