My Book of Lists

Age 13

192 pages

152 x 194 mm


  • Nonfiction for Young Adults

Katrin Lankers, Silke Werzinger

My Book of Lists

To-do lists, wish lists, hit lists, shopping lists, ranking lists, telephone lists … our whole life consists of lists.

Who should I invite round for my birthday – and who mustn't on any account come? What is the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten? How can you make a bad hair day into a good one? And what would I do if the world were to come to an end tomorrow? Thought-provoking, amusing, crazy lists like these are a help in bringing order to everyday life, and they also help you find out more about yourself. “My Book of Lists” functions like a diary and yet completely differently. By compiling their own top or flop lists, girls collect memories and make plans for the future.


  • More than a diary
  • Sorts things out
  • Girls know the principle from magazines