My Fold-Out Look-and-Find Book – The Monster Hunt

Age 3

18 pages

261 x 330 mm


  • Picture Book

Fabian und Christian Jeremies

My Fold-Out Look-and-Find Book – The Monster Hunt


In a nutshell:

There has never been a look-and-find-book like this before. To begin with, you look page by page at the crazy and cheerful monster hunt and on every double page try and find the right monster. When you get to the end you tug at the last page and the book folds out to a monstrous length of over 3 meters to display one single panorama picture to keep you busy for hours with look-and-find activities.



Two little monsters want to spend a wonderful day by the sea, far away from their maddening brothers and sisters. Armed with a sunshade and lots of yummy things to eat, they make themselves comfortable on the beach. Then a little monster – much, much smaller than they are – scurries out of a hole in the sand and makes off with the backpack containing all the delicacies. That is the end of their peace and quiet, for the two little monsters have no choice but chase the cheeky thief into his hole in the sand. This is the beginning of a crazy underground monster hunt in the course of which the tiny monster thief gradually eats everything in the backpack and gets fatter and fatter in the process.


  • Unique and unrivalled
  • The longest look-and-find book in the world
  • Powerful topic and surprising features

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