My Monster-long Zig-Zag Book: Find the Hoggel!

Age 3

18 pages

261 x 330 mm


  • Picture Book

Fabian und Christian Jeremies

My Monster-long Zig-Zag Book: Find the Hoggel!

Little monster Pling has big plans: he intends to find a completely unknown creature, the Hoggle. His book says the Hoggle lives in gloomy caves, and so Pling valiantly sets out on the dangerous hunt with sniffer dog Siggi …
In this sequel, as in volume one of the zigzag look-and-find books, children follow the exciting expedition page by page, solving lots of search tasks in the process. Then the last page is given a tug and over three meters of look-and-find zig-zag foldet pages (= Leporello-Novelty Product) tumble out. But that's not all: volume 2 smoothly continues volume 1 and together they create a panorama picture measuring three metres by 64 centimetres – monstrously huge!


  • Zigzag fun goes on: new stories and new tasks
  • Absolutely unique and unrivalled

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