The Sooting Little Fairy

Age 18

10 pages

190 x 220 mm


  • Children's Novel

Tress Sylvia, Martina Leykamm

The Sooting Little Fairy

NoveltyBoard book with blow-out light

The little animals have all kinds of complaints: the little hare has fallen down, the beaver has caught a cold, the bear has been stung by a bee and the little pig has awful tummy ache. Luckily, there is the soothing fairy! Blowing and a bit of sparkly magic soon makes everything better again. Blow with the soothing fairy and it will not hurt anymore!

This board book for children from 18 months delights with its magical joining-in effect: blow once and the lights start to light up! The little LED bulbs integrated into the book are activated by an air current when blowing and start to illuminate like magic!


  • An interactive blow-out book for little complaints
  • Soothing as an important everyday topic
  • Charmingly illustrated by Martina Leykamm


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