Mia and Lino

Age 9

224 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Andrea Schütze, Joëlle Tourlonias

Mia and Lino

An (almost) perfect doggy miracle

Mia's biggest wish is to have a little dog. And she has already found 1000 super-convincing arguments why she simply has to have a four-legged friend. She actually even manages to get her parents on her side, and as a result she is given a Golden Retriever puppy for her birthday. But the puppy can't be collected immediately, and so Mia and her parents get all the information they can because before Lino's arrival there is a great deal dog owners need to know and rules to follow. This way, readers find out a lot about dogs, not least with the help of Mia's 8-point plan (see below) mingled in the story. When the big day comes, Mia is so excited that there is no holding her back. But she hadn't realised that the little puppy would take up so much of her time – for example, because he needs to wee so often and has to be quickly taken outside at all possible times of the day. As time goes by, however, Mia and her parents have more routine in looking after little Lino and keep him away from dangerous things and situations – after all, the puppy mustn't be allowed to eat everything he'd like to … Lino is not the only new inhabitant of the apartment building Mia and her family live in. Simon also moves in. To begin with, Simon gets on Mia's nerves because he always knows everything better and talks like a waterfall. But not only their adventure in the park, when Lino stops a pickpocket, binds them together. Another important event is Lino's rescue mission just in the nick of time: Simon has asthma and no one notices when one day he has an attack on the stairs, and it is only thanks to Lino's sixth sense and Mia's plucky intervention that Simon can be taken to hospital in time. The fact that in the end Mia and her family move to the country so that Lino has more space to run about cannot damage their friendship.

Mia's 8-point plan:


  • Step 1: Mia's test for wanting a dog: Do I really want to have a dog?
  • Step 2: Stay cool when parents make excuses
  • Step 3: We learn a new language: Dog-German
  • Step 4: A-Z of what Mia knows
  • Step 5: There is a little bit of a wolf in every dog
  • Step 6: Keep your paws off!
  • Step 7: Mia's big dog quiz
  • Step 8: Your dog-owner's licence for filling in and cutting out


  • Hot topic for girls: wanting a dog
  • With a dog quiz, a dog ABC and a dog owner’s licence to be filled in and cut out

Sold to:
Poland, Turkey, China