Miss Edison

Age 10

208 pages

148 x 210 mm


Irene Zimmermann, Lisa Hänsch

Miss Edison

Miss Edison – the sort of teacher every child would like to have

Oskar is yet again targeted by a gang of boys in his class. They are chasing him – until in the nick of time he manages to slip in through the open front door of his quirky English teacher, Miss Edison. No one else would dare do such a thing. To be honest, Oskar wouldn't either, but he has no other choice. But then he gets the surprise of his life, for Miss Edison is also in a tight spot and needs his help: her latest invention, an invisibility scanner (ISC for short), which is of invaluable help when it comes to tidying up children's rooms, is wonky. Miss Edison can't get it to work again without a twenty-seven-pin plug. This is particularly awkward because Emma, one of Oskar's classmates, accidentally ran across in front of the ISC at the wrong moment. There's no time to lose for Emma must be made visible again as soon as possible. Oskar sets off, with the nasty Crack Gang at his heels, time and his parents (how is he to explain everything to them?) breathing down his neck. It is very nice of Emma – invisible – to accompany him and give him her support, but it's not always helpful. Oskar has one adventure after the other before the ISC is made to work again and Emma eventually becomes visible.


  • Crazy inventions, adventures and a teacher every child would love to have
  • Our expert for eccentric school stories: bestselling author Irene Zimmermann (over 1 million of her children's books sold)

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Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Romania