Miss Emergency

Age 16

272 pages

136 x 215 mm


  • Young Adult Novel

Antonia Rothe-Liermann

Miss Emergency

An Overdose of Butterflies

Lena is at last a proper doctor, but this hasn’t solved her problems with love.

Dr Weissenbach … It is going to take Lena a while to get used to that. She passed her exams with flying colours, but she just cannot find an answer to the most complicated question of all: which Prince Charming will make her happy, now that she is plunging headfirst into the life of being a doctor – Alex, for whom she is a goddess in white and who distracts her every day with fond surprises? Dr Thalheim, who keeps expecting more of her than she can trust herself to give, thus goading her on to give her all? Or will Lena unexpectedly stumble over her happiness in the waiting room?


  • Attractive senior consultants, chaotic relationships and huge emotions
  • Unrivalled: first hospital series in Germany for teenagers


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