Age 12

256 pages


Michael Ende, Friedrich Hechelmann


“Momo” is not a story just for children or just for adults. Published in 1973 and the winner of the German and European Youth Book Prize, the novel can still be read as a parable of our society and the way it treats time. “Momo” became a cult book and is a bestseller all over the world.


An uncanny company of “grey gentlemen” is making more and more people save time. But everyone is getting colder and lifeless. Master Hora, the “time administrator”, decides to intervene, but needs the help of a human child – Momo. With nothing but a flower in her hand and a turtle under her arm, struggles all by herself against the vast hordes of “grey gentlemen” - and is wondrously victorious.

2009: Michael Ende's 80th Birthday
Translated into 43 languages, filmed several times
”Momo” newly illustrated by Friedrich Hechelmann