Age 12

288 pages

138 x 220 mm


Michael Ende, Dieter Braun


The story of time thieves and Momo, the child who gave the stolen time back to the people.

Momo’s world is a city somewhere in the south of Europe. A sinister army of grey gentlemen are at work making more and more people save time. In reality, however, they are tricking these people out of this saved time and taking away their joy of life. The more the people save time, the moroe impoverished, more rushed and colder their existence becomes. It is the children who feel this heartlessness most. When distress is at its greatest Master Hora, the mysterious custodian of time, intervenes. But to do this, he needs the help of a human child. Momo, the scruffy little heroine of the story, takes on the difficult task and, with nothing but a flower in her hand and a tortoise under her arm, fights all by herself against the huge army of grey gentlemen – and is wonderfully successful.

“Time is life. And life lives in the heart.” From Momo by Michael Ende


  • International bestseller newly designed by Johannes Erler
  • More than 10 Mio copies sold!

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Spain (Basque), Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain (Catalan), China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Spain (Galician), Greece, Israel (Hebrew), Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka (Sinhala), Spain (Spanish), Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, South Africa (Afrikaans), Estonia, Georgia, Iceland, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Albania, Mongolia, Syria, Taiwan, USA , Lebanon