Monster Hotel

Age 6

112 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Children's Novel

Thomas Montasser, Stefanie Reich

Monster Hotel

In a nutshell:

Have you ever spent the night in a monster hotel? Everything here is different. The toilettes are on the ceiling, there are little monsters living in the cupboards and playing the fiddle, and in the hotel restaurant you are served yummy snail gruel with bread and ear-wax dripping. Valentina and her brother Nils are thrilled. They don't want to go home again in a hurry. After all, when do you come across a whole hotel full of monsters?


That's what comes of getting on the wrong plane! Instead of landing in Greece, Valentina and her family are on Iceland. It's not only dreadfully cold there – the Glockenspiels don't even have a hotel. There are no rooms available in Reykjavik because of a congress. Then Valentina and her family are given a tip – there's still a room free in a tiny little hotel. The hotel, with its crooked walls, doesn't exactly look inviting. They are greeted in the lobby by a strange-looking, one-legged doorman. He takes them to their room entered by walking through the wall. In the room, the toilette is fixed to the ceiling and every time the wardrobe is opened a little man apparently living in it starts playing the fiddle. But there is more to come. Not only does it cost nothing to spend the night there – you even get something for it. To be precise, you get a bit of snot. Neither do the Glockenspiels have to pay anything for the meals in the hotel restaurant, where snail gruel, bread and ear-wax dripping, rain worm risotto and candied horse apples are served, but are instead given four large bits of snot in return. The other guests in the restaurant, with their hoofs, claws and green hair, are as strange-looking as the doorman. When Valentina eavesdrops on two hotel guests, she realises that she and her parents have ended up in a monster hotel. Valentina's father is all for leaving at once, but Valentine, her mother and brother are thrilled and determined to stay. Valentina has even made friends with a real witch. Madame Mortadella cannot only read thoughts but dreams as well. And anyway, Valentina and her brother are as keen as mustard to go to the Gourmonster Bar. There is a show there every evening, a real monstrous programme ranging from monstrous throwing competitions and melon eating to the popular game called "First I eat you then you eat me". The absolute climax is the number by conjurer Count ÜkmÜk. This time, to the surprise of all the monstrous guests present, the Count doesn't produce a rabbit from his hat – but Valentina. He bellows out the announcement that Valentina and her family are human beings. Panic breaks out in the Gourmonster Bar, for there is nothing monsters fear more than human beings. Luckily Madame Mortadella intervenes at that moment and explains that humans by no means eat monsters, contrary to what monster parents have been telling their monster children for decades. Human beings are completely harmless. The monsters are enormously relieved and the party that follows is all the more exuberant. The monsters give three cheers for Valentina and her family.


  • Wonderfully off-beat children's book – an absolute hoot!
  • For storytime and very early readers

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