Nickle and Horn

Age 5

144 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Children's Novel

Florian Beckerhoff, Barbara Scholz

Nickle and Horn

Two detectives who know what's what

A far-sighted guinea pig and a short-sighted parrot – Nickle and Horn. They live with Mr Curl, a retired detective for whom they have been working for years. Mr Curl's dog, Floppy, makes sure that nothing, but absolutely nothing, gets in the way of the pensioner's peace and quiet. When Paul, the boy from next door, has his backwater-African fartbeast stolen and he asks for help, friends Nickle and Horn set to work as detectives with their versatile spectacles. Their research takes them to a remote island in the sea, where they mingle undercover with the seagull population to find out more. Will Nickle and Horn be able to solve the case?


  • An exciting and warm-hearted animal story
  • With lots of colour illustrations by Barbara Scholz
  • For storytime and early readers

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Israel (Hebrew)


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