Age 14

336 pages

136 x 215 mm


  • Thriller

Alice Gabathuler


Mick is to take the blame for a murder. He can be exonerated with the help of an online community.

When Mick wakes up, he is lying next to a corpse: Isabella Linder, the filthy rich wife of industrialist Jake Linder. Mick panics; after all, who would believe a 17-year-old good-for-nothing that it didn’t have anything to do with him? Almost crazy with fear, he kidnaps Edy, Isabella’s daughter, and from now on is on the run – from the police, from Jake’s men and from the spirits of his own past. Only very gradually and with the help of his mate, Smiley, does Mick discover that he is part of a malicious plot that aims to put the blame for crimes fairly and squarely on the shoulders of teenagers like him – with the objective of plunging a whole country in chaos …With the support of the “Justice for Leon” online community, Mick and Smiley manage to expose Jake’s schemes and free Mick fromblame.


  • Emotionally gripping and psychologically dense

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