Norbert Fatnoggin

Age 4

40 pages


  • Picture Book

Michael Ende, Jochen Stuhrmann

Norbert Fatnoggin

or The Naked Rhinoceros

The story of how the dictator rhinoceros Norbert Fatnoggin is fooled by the other animals.


The tyrannical rhinoceros, Norbert Fatnoggin, has driven all the animals out of the steppe and away from their water hole. Norbert Fatnoggin is now the undisputed ruler. Only one brave, little bird has stayed behind with him. He has a cunning plan. So, it is not always the strongest members of society who win in the end; it is often a cunning little bird.

One of Michael Ende's most charming fables – adults love it, too!
The classic tale newly illustrated
World-famous author

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