Age 14

432 pages

136 x 205 mm


  • Children's Novel

Ann-Kristin Gelder, Formlabor


In a Nutshell:
NeuroGamingSystems (“NGS”) wants to revolutionise the computer gaming world. Using the technique of consciousness synchronization, the corporation offers the player the possibility to experience the exceptional, but in the body of another.

The 17-year-old Nora has been working for NGS for three years and is gradually seeing through its machinations: NSG would stop at nothing for its illegal research on living people. Getting out is not an option, the corporation has taken care of that as well. Nora’s latest mission is the young musician Alex. While she is gaining his trust in preparation for the consciousness synchronization, a serious relationship develops between the two of them. But Nora must do the synchro – and then the two lovers will no longer be able to get together, because if one is awake, the other is asleep… And Nora knows that Alex’s life is under threat, because the technology is still far from working without risk.


  • Clever combination of love story and modern thriller
  • Gripping, fast-paced, unusual
  • For all fans of Ursula Poznanski