PHEROMONE - They Can Smell You

Age 14

416 pages

136 x 205 mm


  • Fantasy

Rainer Wekwerth, Thariot

PHEROMONE - They Can Smell You


2018: Jake Merdon is seventeen years old and leads a perfectly normal life. He goes to school, has friends and plays soccer. When, however, he forgets to get his supply of hay fever tablets for the weekend it is the beginning of a new and more intensive life for him: his eyes are suddenly as keen as an eagle's and he goes over the top with sport. But the most unusual thing is his sense of smell – he can smell a fire burning seven kilometres away.

Out of the blue at a party he is aware of the enticing smell of a girl in the process of seducing a boy. At first the boy seems to be trying to ward off the girl's brash advances, then he suddenly apparently loses his will and succumbs to her spell. Jake thinks this is more than strange. When shortly afterwards he discoversthe youth club of a new movement – "Human Future Project" – the girl seems to belong to, Jake's attention is finally drawn to her.

Together with Amy Watson, whose brother has apparently also joined this strange organisation and has been acting strangely ever since, Jake sets out to find out more about this group - a search that very soon turns out to be highly dangerous.

2118: There are no more wars. Poverty and hunger have been abolished all over the world. And terrorism, too, is a thing of the past; the crime rate is at a historic low; society is orderly and clean and there is a place in it for anyone wanting to find a place.

One of the people living in this society is Travis Jelen. He is a doctor and is treating sixteen-year-old Lee Hastings. She is pregnant and her baby is due in four weeks. He happens to meet her three days later - without her baby bump. When he tries to speak to her she runs away. While looking for her, he comes across an organisation called "Human Future Project" - a movement active in politics and business successfully supporting the cause of children all over the world.

When Travis Lee eventually finds her, she can only vaguely remember the birth of her son born in an unknown place. What's more, her blood count is abnormal. The two of them turn to a young genetics specialist and make an incredible discovery: it seems there are two different kinds of children – normal human beings and creatures that look human but aren't. An extraterritorial virus is passed on through blood contamination or sexual intercourse and it gradually takes possession and control of its host. To make this possible in the first place, the aliens emit pheromones that attract humans and make them addictive to these substances.

As facts stand at the moment, there can only be one plausible explanation: the earth is secretly being invaded. Travis, however, can see a way of declaring war on this alien form of life: to date only the virus has been on earth, but soon the aliens themselves will be arriving through a wormhole that will soon be completed. Travis and his group have no alternative than blow up the wormhole to prevent the invasion.

In the meantime, however, their opponents have become aware of Travis and his supporters and have set what they call "hunters" on them. These are human beings bred to sniff out people not yet infected by the virus.

Although they are being hunted, Travis and Lee manage to get to the organisation HQ, where they discover five babies intended to be raised to be hunters. In a great showdown the wormhole explodes and spins out of control. It turns into a kind of time machine and takes the babies and Lee back to the year 1999, setting them down in six different places.

It is not until 2018 that Lee finally finds Jake Merdon (one of the hunter babies) and together they finally declare war on the aliens.

"A page-turner such as you have never read before. Superb!" Andreas Eschbach, bestselling fantasy author

"Pheromone is an incredibly exciting and new kind of book that had me hooked from the first page! Even if I was expecting something completely different and sci-fi is not really my favourite genre, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and can only encourage you to delve into the book, take it as it comes and let yourself be surprised." – Sue-timeless on

"People whose pheromones take hold of others and make them addicted to them? Definitely the stuff of a good thriller, and that is precisely what Rainer Wekwerth and Thariot have written. Pheromone is a cliff hanger, and I particularly liked the fact that there are two stories – with completely different characters – going on at the same time. I can hardly wait to find out how the trilogy will continue." Stephanie Erler on

"Wow, I just loved the book. … Fluently written, good to read, and I can only say that this story is addictive. A phenomenal achievement by the two authors, even if I did keep having to check whether I was in 2018 or 2118. The book got me hooked, the suspense built up quickly and never flagged. By the end you are quite simply breathless and want to immediately move on to volume 2. Intrigues, suspense, brilliant authors … definitely one of this year's highlights and already one of my favourite books. I'm giving the book top marks and looking forward to the sequel." – Rainbookworld on
"The line of suspense in the story is simply fantastic – from the first pages to the last word on the last page. And yet as the reader you never have the feeling of being overloaded or bored by too much suspense. On the contrary, everything fits in perfectly with everything else." Amelie, 14 years old 


  • Intelligent. Gripping. Breath-taking. – The beginning of a new magnificent trilogy
  • Reality meets sci-fi
  • The full writing power of two authors with a bestselling guarantee at their fingertips: adult-fiction writer Rainer Wekwerth and self-publisher Thariot

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