PHEROMONE - They Can See You

Age 14

384 pages

136 x 205 mm


  • Fantasy

Rainer Wekwerth, Thariot

PHEROMONE - They Can See You

In a Nutshell:

Aliens are spreading across the whole globe. People are attracted by pheromones and then misused by the unwanted visitors as hosts. Almost everyone is prone to this, except the hunters! Five youths from the future – Jake, Skagen, Madison, Caleb and Hannah – come together. Each of them has an exceptional and unique ability with which the aliens can be tracked and halted. It is only together that they can defend humanity – but they must hurry, because the hunt for them is already well underway!


2018: aliens are spreading stealthily across the globe. There are only five young people who can halt the invasion, namely the so-called hunters, created in the future and sent back in time to stop the alien threat. Jake is one of them. After the failed attack on the HFP Center in New York, he is fleeing from the alien attackers. By coincidence, he meets the blind Hannah and it soon becomes clear that she is also a hunter, because after just one touch she can sense the true essence of a person. Skagen was arrested by the police after an assault. In prison he meets Caleb, a crazed youth who is constantly babbling something about colours and feelings. He is, in fact, also a hunter. Together they succeed in breaking out of prison and tracking Jake and Hannah down. The last of the group is the spoilt Madison. She herself can emit pheromones and influence others with it. Only as a joint force are the five youths able to thwart the aliens. They are not alone in this, as they receive help from the future – from Carl, the Artificial Intelligence.  

2118: making coffee and copying – these are daily chores for the young and inexperienced lawyer Giovanella Muscat, until she receives a mysterious assignment. For a billionaire whose face nobody knows, she is supposed to find out something about a certain Jake Merdon, who was born over a hundred years ago and at some point disappeared without a trace. In the process, she is sent back herself into a kind of virtual past by his assistant Carl, an Artificial Intelligence, to start her search. But it is not without its dangers, because HFP is breathing down Giovanella’s neck and even follows her to Portugal. And the closer she gets to Jake, the more unbelievable facts come to light: the world is at war and she herself has a key role in the fight against the aliens, because she possesses exceptional powers, just like the five youths she met on her journey in time. However, Giovanella is no longer alone, as suddenly Hannah appears before her – the blind girl from the past – and asks her to join their battle against the alien invasion!


  • The success with all-age potential
  • Researched in detail, intelligently told: brilliant sci-fi thriller by two best-selling authors  


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