Polly Schlottermotz  - Hooray – Christmas in the snow!

Age 8

144 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Lucy Astner, Lisa Hänsch

Polly Schlottermotz - Hooray – Christmas in the snow!

The winter holiday has begun and Polly is waiting eagerly for Aunt Winnie, Eagle-Eye and Roberta to come home for the festive period. But instead a mysterious snowball lands in Polly’s post box – and when it breaks open, Polly experiences a mighty snowy wonder: because suddenly she finds herself amidst the northern Arctic Circle in Finland! Not only is Aunt Winnie’s houseboat frozen in there, but a little reindeer baby has got lost – and this plunges Polly into a startlingly exciting Christmas adventure…  


  • Reindeer in distress – a turbulent adventure at the Arctic Circle
  • The perfect Christmas gift


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