Polly Pookie Cookie

Age 8

224 pages

148 x 210 mm


Lucy Astner, Lisa Hänsch

Polly Pookie Cookie

The girl with the perfect bite!

Until recently Polly was a perfectly ordinary little girl. But ever since that stupid incisor fell out everything has been different. No, everything has been downright crazy! For the tooth now emerging is not an ordinary tooth – it's a truly genuine vampire tooth! And Polly is not an ordinary little girl any more but a vampire girl. When she is angry she is suddenly so strong that she can flick that nasty Marvin Kowalke through the air like an easy-peasy bit of snot. Polly thinks it is amazing that vampires have magical powers, but she is less amused by the fact that she has to pass an exam supervised by the council of dormice before she can go and live with her family again. And so Polly leaves her home in lovely California on the Baltic Sea, her best friend Leni and her beloved ponies Goulash and Soup to go and stay with Aunt Winnie in Hamburg to prepare for the dormouse exam. Winnie is certainly the funniest aunt in the world, but Polly nevertheless first found Hamburg downright stupid: the enchanted houseboat, the new school, horrid Greta, the silly old history competition and of course Paul, who is determined to be Polly's best friend. How Polly longs to be an ordinary little girl again without a vampire tooth and magic powers if only she was able to go back home again! Luckily Eagle Eye is around, the speaking bat. He may be as blind as a one-eyed mole, but he makes Polly see that sometimes it is worth being just a little bit different …


  • Movie rights sold to Warner Bros
  • At last a new Pippi Longstocking: Polly Pookie Cookie
  • Guaranteed to be a bestseller: Lucy Astner writes screenplays for famous actors and directors like Til Schweiger and Matthias Schweighöfer

Sold to:
Israel (Hebrew), Slovakia


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