Princess Sugartrump

Age 3

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Britta Sabbag, Elli Bruder

Princess Sugartrump

In a nutshell:
Sugartrump is a true princess who of course NEVER passes wind! At least, this is what the queen, king, servant, cook, gardener and stable boy assure her. Only her best friend Lisa opens her eyes to the heart-warming truth when the strange smell wafts into her nose. Even princesses need to pass wind! Especially when the cook has put an extra portion of beans into the evening soup. Together the friends hatch a plan that not only provides a windy surprise for the adults but also shows that honesty always prevails the longest.

Princess Sugartrump has everything a little princess could wish for: very straight hair that almost never needs to be combed, a canary-yellow princess dress with a red ribbon, a real little crown with exactly four pearls on the points and, to top it all, very sweet parents who anticipate her every wish. “Yes,” the queen always sighs, “everything about you is so sweet that even your trumps must be made of sugar!”

The princess cannot quite believe that – because: where does the stink come from that wafts towards her on the potty, swirls around her in the castle kitchen or itches her nose in the royal garden? Despite the assertions by the castle residents (the dog stinks, the scullion has smelly feet, the compost heap smells bad) – it soon becomes clear: even princesses must trump – especially when they have eaten bean soup the evening before.

With a wink, Britta Sabbag shows that every princess is just a normal girl at the end of the day and that honesty, friendship and loyalty are much more important than simply smelling good.


  • By the Hummel Bommel author Britta Sabbag
  • Picture book fun on the topic of “passing wind”
  • Illustrated charmingly and wittingly by Elli Bruder