The Knight Kuno ChainmailStocking

Age 5

192 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Children's Novel

Oliver Pötzsch, Sibylle Hammer

The Knight Kuno ChainmailStocking

Knight Sir Kuno ChainmailStocking and his adventures

Beyond the great forest and the dragon mountains there lies Fairyland. This is where Sir Kuno ChainmailStocking lives, a real knight in shining armour. He loves sword fights, chocolate cake and particularly the damsel of the castle, Konstanze. Kuno and his horse, Rosinante, have all sorts of adventures all over Fairyland. His friends Prince Nepomuk, Aurin the elf, fairy Laureana and the faithful dragon Dragobert are always at his side to outwit the trolls or the two villains, Rasputin and Baldwyn. There is always something happening in Fairyland, and Kuno is bang in the middle of it!



  • The first children's book by bestselling author Oliver Pötzsch ("The Hangman's Daughter")
  • Oliver Pötzsch: two of his books are sold worldwide

Sold to:
USA , Romania