Little Red Riding Hood doesn't feel like it

Age 4

32 pages

220 x 286 mm


  • Picture Book

Sebastian Meschenmoser

Little Red Riding Hood doesn't feel like it

The wolf is lying in wait in the forest. And he's in luck because before long a little red-hooded girl carrying a basket with presents comes his way. Or rather, she angrily storms past him. She's been told to pay her grandmother a visit and she's in for the most boring afternoon you can imagine! "What have you got in your basket?" purrs the wolf in order to get into conversation with the girl. "A roof tile, a sock and some chewing gum", replies the girl. The wolf is aghast. What a granddaughter! He can't stop himself from teaching the girl how to make the grandmother happy at first …


  • A new masterpiece by Sebastian Meschenmoser
  • Witty, intelligent and playful

Sold to:
France, Columbia, Russia