Now Life Can  Begin!

Age 13

304 pages

135 x 215 mm


Karolin Kolbe

Now Life Can Begin!

The last exam is over – that's that as far as school is concerned. What now? Anni, Marlene, Clara and Lotte have always been inseparable. But now they are going their separate ways, without their best friends, scattering to the four winds – from Berlin to Malaysia. In spite of everything, however, they are going to keep in touch via their blog. What they will all experience in this year ahead of them, be it on aid projects, at university or on a farm in the Netherlands, who they will love and what they will find out about themselves – all this is written in the stars. Only one thing is for sure: in exactly one year they are going to meet up again - at Lotte's, in the garden.


  • Four girls, four points of the compass and a blog
  • Leaving school – a very special time in life!
  • Promising young author who knows her target group

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