Sister Hearts - One for all, all for YOU!

Age 10

224 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Lucy Astner, Nadine Jessler

Sister Hearts - One for all, all for YOU!

Bonnie has always wanted a sister. An ally who will be by her side through thick and thin and above all defends her against annoying brothers, mean teachers and uncomprehending parents! Smilla, Nuca, Monti and Jo feel the same. The five girls are not quite the best of friends, but out of necessity they decide to be much more than that, namely: Secret Sistahz – totally secret sister hearts! Together the five of them fight for justice, more pocket money and world domination! But until that time comes, they must defend themselves against the rotten AMIGOS and their slime attacks. It goes without saying that this is rather turbulent. But in the end the SISTERS always stick together! Because it is a law of nature. Stronger than the wind, hail and the awful bad breath of the maths teacher Strunz.  


  • Start of the new series by the successful author Lucy Astner
  • Girls against boys: a longstanding topic with a new interpretation
  • No matter how different the girls are, as (a gang of) sisters they always stick together!

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