Secret Sisters (Series)

Age 10

240 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Lucy Astner, Simona Ceccarelli

Secret Sisters (Series)

Love and Other Secrets

What a mess-up! The sport lessons are supposed to be replaced by maths. The Secret Sisters cannot allow this under any circumstances! Bonnie, Smilia, Nuca, Monti and Jo therefore forge a rescue plan: they organise a “romantic autumn ball” to collect donations to repairs the sports hall. However, they encounter obstacles all along the way and a mysterious love letter catches them completely off-guard. Who is in love with who here? And in any case: isn’t love skyrocketingly embarrassing? But sometimes even the sisters’ hearts can leap for joy…

The third volume of the “Sis” Series


  • Sequel to the successful series by Lucy Astner
  • Told with a great deal of wit and confidence
  • Cool inner design in a diary format


Another title of the series