Page Magic

Age 8

176 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Britta Sabbag, Alexandra Helm

Page Magic

How Ida Fell into the Pages

Because her mother is on an expedition in the Arctic, Ida must spend the holidays with her grandparents. Ida loves grandma and grandpa, but unfortunately there are no other children and no adventures, only books and more books in grandpa’s reading room. Furthermore, some of the old tomes right at the top of the bookshelf and especially the old reading armchair are taboo for Ida.
Nevertheless, Ida climbs around on the shelves in curiosity, falls into the armchair and then it happens: she is in the midst of Sherwood Forest! Could the armchair be magic? Was this why grandpa had forbidden her the armchair? After this well-kept secret is revealed to Ida, her holidays turn into the greatest adventure of her life. Especially when she meets Arthur on a pirate ship, who is pursing quite a special mission…


  • A heartwarming story about courage and the possibilities the imagination opens up
  • What all readers dream about: to literally immerse oneself in a story
  • By the bestseller author Britta Sabbag