Heiress of Light

Age 13

400 pages

138 x 220 mm


  • Fantasy

Emily Bold, Carolin Liepins

Heiress of Light

Silver Wings

Just before Thorn's sixteenth birthday, she realises in the middle of a lesson at school that something is not quite right with her. She has been feeling strange all day, aglow, as if she were under enormous pressure. She can scarcely breathe and finally gives into the impulse to rush out of the classroom. She runs over the school yard, driven by an inexplicable power within her. Her teacher's footsteps behind her only urge her on over to a clump of trees. There she is grabbed and pressed against the trunk of one of the trees. A hand covers her mouth, muffling her terrified screams. She cannot believe her eyes when she looks into the face of one of her classmates - Riley – but he wraps her in mighty, silvery-black wings. And although the teacher is looking straight at them she does not see them.

From that moment on, Thorn's life completely falls apart: she is different from everyone else, for she is only half human. Her birth father was one of the most powerful clan chiefs of the Silver Wing clan, her mother an ordinary human being – and their relationship a gross violation of the Silver Wing laws. This is why her father has been on trial and her mother has disappeared. As a half-being, Thorn actually should have been killed at birth.

Unbeknown to anyone, some of her father's loyal friends have helped her grow up in a human family. Ever since, she has been unobtrusively guarded by a group of young Silver Wings – and one of them is Riley. The Silver Wings are very similar to human beings – a genetic further development of modern humankind, the next step in evolution. Their wings, invisible to humans, allow them to glide through the air and when wrapped with them hide from people. That's why Silver Wings can live among ordinary people without being recognised – in the middle of London. All that anyone else sees is their human exterior, not the powerful being within them. When, however, the leader of the Silver Wings finds out about Thorn's existence, he gets his ruthless son, Lucien, to track her down. Riley is injured after a dangerous chase through London and he and Thorn are taken prisoner by Lucien. Thorn does not know who she should fear most – father or son. Both of them want her dead.

Lucien shows himself to be cold and unapproachable. His contempt for this half-being is obvious. Thorn is nevertheless fascinated by him, for his wings have a shimmer like quicksilver – just like the burning look in his eyes. He is the most beautiful and threatening creature Thorn has ever met. And at the moment he is her greatest enemy.

But like Thorn herself, Lucien is in an emotional chaos whenever he is with her. Although he despises this half-being, he is fascinated by his prisoner. Instead of displaying fear, she surprises him with her anxieties for her friend Riley and her family. Lucien admires Thorn's courage, but he knows that her worries will be the least of her problems should his father continue to pursue his original plan to kill her. Stupidly enough, Thorn's fate does not leave Lucien as cold as it should – something that greatly displeases young Nyx, Lucien's betrothed.

Everyone is hugely surprised when, without further ado, Lucien's father decides to replace Nyx with Thorn as Lucien's betrothed. Taking such a step means they will have a powerful half-being at their side as soon as Thorn turns sixteen – for this is when her wings will be born. Determined to protect her family, Thorn has no other choice than resign herself to her fate. But things turn out differently to expected … For Thorn rescues Riley from the dungeon and helps him escape. She herself manages to float away on her newly born wings, away from the furious Lucien, who swears he will get back what belongs to him.


  • The brand new young-adult novel by the successful self-publisher
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  • Spot on for the target group: gripping new romantasy that sets new standards

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