Rebel of the Night

Age 13

384 pages

138 x 220 mm


  • Young Adult Novel Fantasy

Emily Bold, Carolin Liepins

Rebel of the Night

After fleeing from Darlighten Hall, the seat of the Silver Wing clan in London, Thorn is fleeing from her big love Lucien, because she is a mighty hybrid being – half human, half Silver Wing – and after the emergence of her flame-red wings she is an even greater threat to the clan. Together with her friend Riley, she joins the rebels with whom she wants to leave town, but suddenly Lucien turns up, having tracked down her hideaway. However, he is alone and can be taken captive by the rebels. With Lucien as a hostage, the rebels set out for Glastonbury, the town shrouded in myth and allegedly the final resting place of King Arthur. This is where her birth father Aric Chrome is waiting for her, the leader of the rebels. They are accompanied by Thorn’s brothers who are also half-beings. After arrival in Glastonbury, Thorn is caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. On the one hand she finally gets to know her real father, and on the other hand she is torn back and forth by her feelings for Lucien. But the biggest surprise is that King Arthur was also supposed to have been a half-being – just like herself. While Thorn and Lucien get closer again, the situation comes to a head, because the Silver Wings know of the rebel hideout and are preparing for a fight – together with the superiors, the absolute chief leaders of the Silver Wings. However, the rebels are also steeling themselves and Lucien Thorn continues to instruct them about their still undiscovered capabilities. Lucien also realises that the laws of the Silver Wings are in fact rather outdated. He wants to usher in a new era in which half-beings are allowed to exist! However, the superiors are strictly against it and will stop at nothing to keep everything as it is. They even take Thorn’s family captive to exert pressure to release Lucien and have Thorn surrendered to them. In a pulsating showdown, it finally comes to a devious attack by the superiors on the rebels: they do not want any justice, they are ruthless and only want to secure their power. Lucien’s father also sees that he was manipulated. When he is fatally wounded, he passes on his role to Lucien. Beforehand, however, Thorn’s energy as a hybrid being reaches its absolute peak: she wakens the petrified wings of King Arthur to new life and decides that her father Aric – whose wings had been taken a long time ago – is to receive them. The rebels thereby win the battle and force the superiors to flee.


  • One of the most successful self-publishers in Germany: over 1 million sold copies of Emily Bold
  • Hotly awaited by fans – the glittering finale!

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Czech Republik (Czech)


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