Soul Hunters

Age 12

304 pages

136 x 205 mm


  • Children's Novel

Gerd Ruebenstrunk, Favoritbüro Rose Dobmeier

Soul Hunters

With love comes death

In a Nutshell:

Hannah is a brilliant hacker and has a lot of enemies. But the people pursuing her are not thirsting for revenge but instead want to get their hands on the programme she has developed: a dating agency that has never seen its like before, based on an algorithm that finds and brings together soul mates. She tests it on herself.
And indeed, she meets her match and quickly realises that Jona is the only person she can trust. They both discover that their followers belong to a dangerous organisation. The question is: why are they interested in a dating programme? Bit by bit, Hannah and Jona solve the puzzle and now know that if they want to get away with their lives they will have to unearth the whole truth – before it is too late …


What would it be like, if everybody had a perfect counterpart – a soul mate? And what would happen if  these two people almost always found one another? Dating agencies would be superfluous and a multi-billion euro business would go bust. Divorce lawyers would close their offices. Instead of strife, frustration, depression life would be ruled by joy and contentment. A nice idea but not ideal for everyone, for those in power would be toppled. Happy people need no borders, no wars, no consumption.
Background to the story: in his Symposium Plato recounts the story of the roundshaped humans. Zeus divided them into two halves, and ever since they both have had only one aim, namely to come together again. Another legend has it that Aphrodite created the "Book of Soul Mates", in which all living soul mates are listed by name. When the book is open it continues to write down the names of the soul mates. The book, however, has been missing for thousands of years. Aphrodite's followers have been searching for it ever since – and so have the followers of Zeus, a group of influential personages from all over the world. They want to keep the book closed, no matter what. Now there is growing evidence that the book is somewhere in Brussels.
Early autumn in Bruges. Jona and Christopher are having a cup of coffee in the town centre when a girl storms in, hunted by two men. The girl bumps into Jona. They make eye contact and for a split second they both have a feeling of recognition. Then the girl disappears round the corner, followed by her pursuers.
When Jona has recovered from his brief shock he realises that the girl has given him a USB stick. And there is something else he realises: he wants to see this girl again whose glance moved him to his very core.
On the flash drive, Jona discovers a few file types he does not know and a Word document. It turns out that Hannah, the girl the flash drive belongs to, is a brilliant hacker. She has been commissioned to write a programme to search through social platforms and dating agencies and compare people's profiles. Using herself as a guinea pig she has tested the programme and came upon Jona. Just as she had made the match a virus brought her PC to a standstill. Hannah took up the trail of the virus and it led her to a run-down warehouse. Jona is fascinated by what he reads. He is certain about one thing: he will follow the trail, for he simply must see Hannah again. The only trouble is, he doesn´t know much more about her than her first name and her programme won't run on his computer. Together with Christopher, he sets out on his search. They find the warehouse and come across a man who doesn't seem to have a clue about computers. But the man is not as senile as Jona first thought …
At that point Jona gets a call from Hannah. She has managed to shake off her followers and is hiding somewhere in Brussels. They arrange a meeting place. On his way there, Jona realises that he, too, is now being followed.
After all manner of adventures and chases in Brussels, during which it is by no means clear who is on whose side, it transpires that the programme written by Hannah shows the legendary "Book of Soul Mates". Jona and Hannah are indeed soul mates – and as such in great jeopardy …  

A tough girl who decodes a computer code – and the love of two soul mates which implies mortal danger