The South Wall

Age 12

256 pages

135 x 215 mm


  • Young Adult Novel

Cornelie Kister

The South Wall

Adventurous mountain tour during which the Matterhorn summit is not reached but on the other hand an old family secret disclosed.

"Secret on the Matterhorn – Climbers wanted!" When Jonas, 14 years old and a keen climber, reads this message on the Internet, he is wildly determined to take part in the mountain tour – with his friend Finn in tow. A year previously, Jonas stumbled across some mysterious information shedding new light on the first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865. What he is not aware of is the fact that he is letting himself in for a risky adventure taking him to the edge of the precipice that is a disastrous feud between two famous mountaineering families, the tragedy of which has even today not been overcome.



  • Exciting mountain adventure
  • Topic: family secret

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